Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Bleurgh I am run down!

I have been battling a cough for the last week which sadly Little Man (LM) has now got :(

I didn't realise how run down I must be until a cold sore appeared on my lip last night in a matter of minutes. One minute it wasn't there and the next it was there in all it's ugly glory.

As I am breastfeeding I am very limited as to what I can take, but the last time I was troubled with a cold sore I used Manuka honey as my saviour. As well as taking several teaspoons of it a day I also applied a liberal blob to the sore.

Within a matter of days the sore had gone :) Normally untreated my cold sores linger like an unwanted house guest, I am hoping that the honey works it magic again this time.

Are there any other tips out there for battling colds, coughs and cold sores in an au natural way?

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