Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Places to go and things to see

I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front as Little Man (LM) and Hubby (H) have been enjoying quality time off.

We have been out and about visiting places and enjoying the fact that H is not at work and can spend the whole day with us.

We have been to the zoo - where me and H made ridiculous gestures to try and get LM to look at the animals as he happily stared at other people / the fence in front of us / anything but the actual animal.

We have been to various museums - where LM enjoyed the interactive displays where you can touch different textures, creatures, stones. He was also able to properly look and focus on the animals we pointed out (due to the fact they were stuffed and not moving).

We have been to a huge house with massive formal gardens - where LM enjoyed looking at everything and everyone and was intrigued by the full force of nature in his face (it was quite windy - not that he cared).

Its been so lovely just mooching about places. Everything is so exciting to LM as he has not experienced lots of these situations before. But fair play to him - he embraces everything and seems to thoroughly enjoy it.

Where do you enjoy going to with your little ones?

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

One bored every minute

Before I had Little Man (LM) one of favourite programmes to watch was One Born Every Minute. For an hour I would immerse myself in the maternity ward, get to know the families back stories and familiarise myself with the midwives.

Since I have had LM I no longer care for OBEM - and its thrown me. I have recorded the series so far, as I can't guarantee I will still be awake when its on! When LM is napping I have used the opportunity to catch up and I have found myself not paying attention. The first episode I found myself reading something rather than watching the programme and the second time I fast forwarded the programme to find out what the name and weight of the baby was (so the programme was over very swiftly).

Is it just that I am tired of the programme format, as its been going for quite a while? Or is it because as I have now had a baby its no longer a mystery. I have my own tale and experience of giving birth and I am no longer interested in some strangers story?

Has anyone else lost the love - or is it just me?

Monday, 17 March 2014

37 weeks, 1 day, 1 hour......

Do I have a problem? I still know precisely how many weeks its been since Little Man (LM) was born. When will I stop this constant countdown?

I have now learnt to say how many months old he is rather than weeks when asked (as you get a rather blank stare as the person who has asked is trying to mentally convert weeks into months).

At what point in his life will I stop giving such a precise breakdown of his age? When he is 16 will I be proudly telling anyone who will listen that he is 832 weeks old?

Even with sleep deprivation I am still spot on with my weekly calculation and maybe that's what's keeping me going. I may have forgotten everything else in my baby haze but I am desperately holding onto a tiny bit of mental calculation to show I haven't completely been overtaken by baby brain!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Seemed like a good idea at the time...

..I'll save wear and tear of the car and me and Little Man (LM) will walk to and from the shops....I am so unfit!

Walking to the shops in the glorious sunshine was fine, but walking back, uphill with the bottom of the buggy full of shopping was a different matter!

I am on a drive to try and save money as my maternity pay peters out this month (I struggled with it - what will it be like without it!). So any way of saving money / petrol is now starting to kick in.

I managed to get £5 off my shopping by using a few vouchers so felt quite pleased. Now back at home I feel quite tired (must be my age!) and LM is yawning and I am joining in. Considering the idea of us both popping off to bed for a snooze. If I am sleeping then I can't be spending!

How do you make your money go further whilst on maternity leave and beyond?

Thursday, 13 March 2014

If it doesn't move its going on eBay....

....I have been hit by Spring cleaning fever and have decided to de-clutter and stick items gathering dust onto eBay.

As always I start off all excited and then start to loose momentum as the tedious process of uploading the items takes longer than I thought (although I remembered to weigh everything first so I could work out the postage costs easier). My excitement will grow again once items are watched and even bid on and then I will curse myself for selling so many items at once as the never ending packaging up and posting takes hold.

But at the end of the day the house will have less stuff in it and few more pounds in my pocket is always good, especially as my maternity pay has come to and end (booo!).

Little Man (LM) can rest easy - none of his toys are being sold off......yet!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails....

...are apparently what little boys are made of.

I'm no medical person - but I am not sure this is entirely correct about the make up of small baby boys! However they may have a point about puppy dog tails. Owning a dog before having a baby has made me realised how similar the two are:

  • Both will steal paper tissues out of my pocket
  • Both will eat my rich tea biscuits if I don't keep an eye on either them or the biscuits
  • Both like squeaky toys
  • Both will eat food off the floor if given the chance
  • Both like to take over the bed if given the chance
  • Both like to chew on things 
  • Both are always pleased to see you, even if you have only left the room for a couple of second

Our dog wasn't too sure when we brought Little Man (LM) home but since she has discovered how much food he can drop on the floor whilst feeding she is happy to let him stay a bit longer ;)

Are there any other shared qualities between pooches and babies?

Friday, 7 March 2014

Free range baby

It seems weird to me how quickly babies grow up. I know that's what they are meant to do - but until you have your own you don't realise how quickly babies change.

Little Man (LM) is now free range in the front room - using his own special type of crawling (looks like a combination of the worm break-dance and him dragging himself) to get about. He gets quicker at it everyday and takes great pleasure in going where he wants to go - normally to try and retrieve a dog toy before I step in and spoil the fun!

Earlier this week me and LM were in a room where he was the eldest, by several months. All the other babies were between 2-3 months and they looked tiny and helpless next to my strapping 8 month old. Admittedly he is tall for his age, but even so he was doing much more than these babies who were either sleeping, feeding or staring into space. LM was bouncing, standing, crawling, shouting, smiling, laughing chewing and generally being his normal happy interactive self.

I mentioned to Hubby (H) when I got home how I preferred LM's age to the 2-3 month olds, as LM is far more responsive and fun to be with. I wonder if I will always feel this as he gets older - preferring his current age to his previous age as he can do more and more, and more of his wonderful personality is coming through?

Thursday, 6 March 2014

A, B, C, D....…

Little Man (LM) has a toy mobile phone. He's not fooled, he completely knows its not the real deal and will drop it in a heartbeat if he can grab either mine or my Hubby's phone.

This morning lying next to me he is enjoying holding down one particular button on his toy phone and I have been subjected to the joyful rendition of the Alphabet Song on a constant loop. He doesn't seem that bothered by the constant repeating, whereas I am developing a nervous twitch in my eye!

He has a number of other electrical toys which he plays with, including a very cheerful dog, which appears to be possessed..... I kid you not, this pup goes off by itself and at indeterminate periods of the day. Be it a simple "ruff ruff" noise or the more sinister "hug me!" this dog gives me the willies by trying to initiate play. Once again LM is unmoved by the dogs attempts to interact where as it has me reaching for the battery compartment.

I should be thankful this toy hasn't woken me up at night........yet!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

These gums are made for biting

So since last night Little Man (LM) has thought is a really good idea to bite when I try and breastfeed him. My nipple is another in the extensive list of his chew toys (which includes actual teething toys, edge of the cot, fingers, my chin)

I have been trying the response of a firm "no" and removing from my breast. This has been met with a number of different responses from him staring blankly at me (what's your beef mum?), a cheeky smile (what? I am doing nothing but being adorable mum) to a slight grimace (I have a touch of the devil in me mum, we will just need to ride this out together).

Eventually last night he become too tired and gave up biting to drink his milk and fall asleep.

Any top tips to stop me being chewed? Thankfully LM has no teeth so I want to try and resolve this before he gets his gnashers! (Although teething could be one of the reasons for his biting).

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Can I put human bed as a skill on my CV?

Yesterday Little Man (LM) refused to take his normal naps - sleep was for wimps. I even had to battle to get him to go to bed last night.

Today he has had a change of mind and is making up for yesterdays lack of rest by having a very leisurely snooze on me.

I am still his most favourite place to sleep. His cot or travel cot just don't compare to me apparently. If I put him in his cot he will immediately wake, if I leave him on me he will continue to catch zzzzz's like Rip Van Winkle.

Should I add this talent to my CV to show I have continued to grow and develop during my maternity leave?

What skills do you thinking parenting has added to your life?

Monday, 3 March 2014

Got any spare change Guv?

Off to baby group this morning at a local Children's Centre.

Little Man (LM) seems to enjoy socialising with the other babies and its nice for me to talk shop with other mums :)

The session also only costs the bargain price of £1, only problem is I don't have a pound. I foolishly used my change to pay for parking at the weekend and the only items in my purse are receipts.

This calls for desperate measures - I will have to check all the coat pockets in the house for possible change. Otherwise I will have to have the pleasure of paying £1 in 1ps and 2ps (as my parents would say - money is money!).

So wish me luck as I go on a "Change Safari"!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Happy mumma at Wagamama

Me, Hubby (H) and Little Man (LM) were out and about shopping today.

We decided to pop into Wagamama for a late lunch / early dinner, as always the staff were friendly and helpful - but today they went that extra mile.

Whilst we perused the menu the lady looking after our table asked whether we would like a small amount of noodles (free of charge) for the LM. This was such a great call as LM was a bit peckish and was demonstrating this by trying to eat the paper placemats!

The free noodles came and LM took great pleasure in eating / drapping / dropping noodles and generally embracing them.

LM spent the rest of our time at the restaurant smiling and laughing at our waitress. It made for a very pleasant and relaxed dining experience.

Top marks to Wagamamas in Milton Keynes :)

Like the legend of the phoenix...

...and so begins the Daft Punk summer hit of 2013 Get Lucky.

Every time I hear this song I get all sentimental as it reminds me of the first few weeks with Little Man (LM), me and my husband bumbling along with this tiny person completely reliant on us and us not being 100% confident of our actions!

It now feels like an age ago and LM has changed so much. He no longer lies still waiting to get changed, he is now far wrigglier and more interested in getting up and seeing what is going on in the World!

The tiny baby, whose head needed supporting and mostly slept and ate is now a big baby who still loves his food but doesn't want to sleep as he may miss something! I love how much he develops everyday.

Which songs or music remind you of those first precious days and weeks?