Friday, 28 February 2014

Not doing it properly...

Am I breaking a cardinal rule but not fully embracing the commercialism of being a new parent?

My car does not display a "Baby on Board" notice, I use a backpack rather than a bag which states how scrumptious a mummy I am. I refuse to spend money on any designer clothes for Little Man (LM) - supermarket clothes are perfect for the job and reasonably priced (he is growing so quickly and nothing last for many weeks let alone months).

Due to LM refusing a dummy I can't indulge in the personalised beaded dummy fastening device (see I don't even know the correct term for it!) - not that I think I would if he did.

Am I missing out on some fun by being an old Scrooge who refuses to buy items which I don't think a baby needs? Should I let my hair down and indulge or are there other parents out there as miserly as me?

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