Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Limpet boy

With having a slightly snotty nose and with two teeth coming through, Little Man (LM) is now stuck fast to me (sometimes quite literally with his snotty nose! Nothing like a snail trail on your shoulder, when wearing a black top).

I love the fact that this little person takes great comfort by being constantly by my side - makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. However on the flip side its rather exhausting. With his lovely long legs and the fact he is big for his age, he is quite a heavy little soul and my arms aren't as strong as they need to be (although I am hoping this will help with my bingo wings!).

I also have the struggle of wiping LM's nose and chin from the constant stream of drool - it makes me laugh how much he hates it and the grumbly noises he makes as well as him trying to turn his head away. Even with him not feeling 100% you can still see his little personality coming out and he remains cheeky and smiley as always.

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