Monday, 14 April 2014

Make mine a sandwich

Today Little Man (LM) enjoyed the sensory experience of sand. LM enjoyed the feel of sand on his toes, sand in his hand and of course sand in his mouth.

LM feels that you can't fully embrace new experiences without mouthing / eating them. I expect to find sand in the house for the next week at least, I am also on tenterhooks to know what his nappy will look like.

However, LM doesn't realise whatever he does will never top our dogs ability with sand. Pup loves sand, loves to dig in it, roll in it, bark at it. For at least a day after her beach visit she will poo sand. Also when she shakes her coat we have the delightful sound of tiny grains of sand scattering everywhere, be it in our tent, our car or our house.

Pup is truly the sand master, padawan LM has much to learn.

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