Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Yawn!! Where's my coffee??

Bleurgh! Another night of Little Man (LM) waking up at 3am on the dot :(

I blame the blooming clocks going forward it seems to have affected him worse than when they went back.

So from 3am to about 6am he is very restless and wont settle. LM has never slept through the night and has always woken for milk (EBF), but normally he falls straight back to sleep on me (co-sleeping a whole different future blog post!). But at the moment he won't settle and constantly fidgets, moves, cries, wriggles and moans until he near enough passes out with exhaustion - I feel like doing the same!

I think that with his two front bottom teeth coming through is another reason for the sudden nightly disturbances, as apart from this he doesn't seem to have experienced any of the usual teething issues.

So another day of feeling like a zombie, willing him to take his afternoon nap in the vain hope I too can get a bit of shut eye.

I'm dreading tonight already :(

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