Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Places to go and things to see

I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front as Little Man (LM) and Hubby (H) have been enjoying quality time off.

We have been out and about visiting places and enjoying the fact that H is not at work and can spend the whole day with us.

We have been to the zoo - where me and H made ridiculous gestures to try and get LM to look at the animals as he happily stared at other people / the fence in front of us / anything but the actual animal.

We have been to various museums - where LM enjoyed the interactive displays where you can touch different textures, creatures, stones. He was also able to properly look and focus on the animals we pointed out (due to the fact they were stuffed and not moving).

We have been to a huge house with massive formal gardens - where LM enjoyed looking at everything and everyone and was intrigued by the full force of nature in his face (it was quite windy - not that he cared).

Its been so lovely just mooching about places. Everything is so exciting to LM as he has not experienced lots of these situations before. But fair play to him - he embraces everything and seems to thoroughly enjoy it.

Where do you enjoy going to with your little ones?

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