Saturday, 1 March 2014

Happy mumma at Wagamama

Me, Hubby (H) and Little Man (LM) were out and about shopping today.

We decided to pop into Wagamama for a late lunch / early dinner, as always the staff were friendly and helpful - but today they went that extra mile.

Whilst we perused the menu the lady looking after our table asked whether we would like a small amount of noodles (free of charge) for the LM. This was such a great call as LM was a bit peckish and was demonstrating this by trying to eat the paper placemats!

The free noodles came and LM took great pleasure in eating / drapping / dropping noodles and generally embracing them.

LM spent the rest of our time at the restaurant smiling and laughing at our waitress. It made for a very pleasant and relaxed dining experience.

Top marks to Wagamamas in Milton Keynes :)

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