Friday, 14 March 2014

Seemed like a good idea at the time...

..I'll save wear and tear of the car and me and Little Man (LM) will walk to and from the shops....I am so unfit!

Walking to the shops in the glorious sunshine was fine, but walking back, uphill with the bottom of the buggy full of shopping was a different matter!

I am on a drive to try and save money as my maternity pay peters out this month (I struggled with it - what will it be like without it!). So any way of saving money / petrol is now starting to kick in.

I managed to get £5 off my shopping by using a few vouchers so felt quite pleased. Now back at home I feel quite tired (must be my age!) and LM is yawning and I am joining in. Considering the idea of us both popping off to bed for a snooze. If I am sleeping then I can't be spending!

How do you make your money go further whilst on maternity leave and beyond?

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