Thursday, 6 March 2014

A, B, C, D....…

Little Man (LM) has a toy mobile phone. He's not fooled, he completely knows its not the real deal and will drop it in a heartbeat if he can grab either mine or my Hubby's phone.

This morning lying next to me he is enjoying holding down one particular button on his toy phone and I have been subjected to the joyful rendition of the Alphabet Song on a constant loop. He doesn't seem that bothered by the constant repeating, whereas I am developing a nervous twitch in my eye!

He has a number of other electrical toys which he plays with, including a very cheerful dog, which appears to be possessed..... I kid you not, this pup goes off by itself and at indeterminate periods of the day. Be it a simple "ruff ruff" noise or the more sinister "hug me!" this dog gives me the willies by trying to initiate play. Once again LM is unmoved by the dogs attempts to interact where as it has me reaching for the battery compartment.

I should be thankful this toy hasn't woken me up at night........yet!

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