Wednesday, 5 March 2014

These gums are made for biting

So since last night Little Man (LM) has thought is a really good idea to bite when I try and breastfeed him. My nipple is another in the extensive list of his chew toys (which includes actual teething toys, edge of the cot, fingers, my chin)

I have been trying the response of a firm "no" and removing from my breast. This has been met with a number of different responses from him staring blankly at me (what's your beef mum?), a cheeky smile (what? I am doing nothing but being adorable mum) to a slight grimace (I have a touch of the devil in me mum, we will just need to ride this out together).

Eventually last night he become too tired and gave up biting to drink his milk and fall asleep.

Any top tips to stop me being chewed? Thankfully LM has no teeth so I want to try and resolve this before he gets his gnashers! (Although teething could be one of the reasons for his biting).

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