Tuesday, 18 March 2014

One bored every minute

Before I had Little Man (LM) one of favourite programmes to watch was One Born Every Minute. For an hour I would immerse myself in the maternity ward, get to know the families back stories and familiarise myself with the midwives.

Since I have had LM I no longer care for OBEM - and its thrown me. I have recorded the series so far, as I can't guarantee I will still be awake when its on! When LM is napping I have used the opportunity to catch up and I have found myself not paying attention. The first episode I found myself reading something rather than watching the programme and the second time I fast forwarded the programme to find out what the name and weight of the baby was (so the programme was over very swiftly).

Is it just that I am tired of the programme format, as its been going for quite a while? Or is it because as I have now had a baby its no longer a mystery. I have my own tale and experience of giving birth and I am no longer interested in some strangers story?

Has anyone else lost the love - or is it just me?

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