Monday, 10 March 2014

Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails....

...are apparently what little boys are made of.

I'm no medical person - but I am not sure this is entirely correct about the make up of small baby boys! However they may have a point about puppy dog tails. Owning a dog before having a baby has made me realised how similar the two are:

  • Both will steal paper tissues out of my pocket
  • Both will eat my rich tea biscuits if I don't keep an eye on either them or the biscuits
  • Both like squeaky toys
  • Both will eat food off the floor if given the chance
  • Both like to take over the bed if given the chance
  • Both like to chew on things 
  • Both are always pleased to see you, even if you have only left the room for a couple of second

Our dog wasn't too sure when we brought Little Man (LM) home but since she has discovered how much food he can drop on the floor whilst feeding she is happy to let him stay a bit longer ;)

Are there any other shared qualities between pooches and babies?

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