Friday, 7 March 2014

Free range baby

It seems weird to me how quickly babies grow up. I know that's what they are meant to do - but until you have your own you don't realise how quickly babies change.

Little Man (LM) is now free range in the front room - using his own special type of crawling (looks like a combination of the worm break-dance and him dragging himself) to get about. He gets quicker at it everyday and takes great pleasure in going where he wants to go - normally to try and retrieve a dog toy before I step in and spoil the fun!

Earlier this week me and LM were in a room where he was the eldest, by several months. All the other babies were between 2-3 months and they looked tiny and helpless next to my strapping 8 month old. Admittedly he is tall for his age, but even so he was doing much more than these babies who were either sleeping, feeding or staring into space. LM was bouncing, standing, crawling, shouting, smiling, laughing chewing and generally being his normal happy interactive self.

I mentioned to Hubby (H) when I got home how I preferred LM's age to the 2-3 month olds, as LM is far more responsive and fun to be with. I wonder if I will always feel this as he gets older - preferring his current age to his previous age as he can do more and more, and more of his wonderful personality is coming through?

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